About Us

Thee Hottie Shop LLC is a small, black-owned business. Our brand was started at the beginning of 2021 as a form of expression, which was built off of the "Hot Girl" aesthetic. Currently, Thee Hottie Shop LLC is run by a single college student. With years of entrepreneurship experience, experience in retail and customer service, and a major in communication with a focus on entrepreneurship, owning a business came natural. Through this opportunity, we are able to cater to your HOT GIRL needs. We credit our store to being the one-stop shop for all your hot girl essentials, and to do so, we are growing daily behind the scenes and in the store front. With her late grandmother being the main inspiration to starting Thee Hottie Shop LLC, you will receive a small rubber ducky with every order as a commemoration to her grandmother who first gifted her a yellow duck and a life time of inspiration. Thank you!